Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wooohooo...gotta love free groceries!

I used the last of my stash of Kraft freebie coupons (like the ones I'm giving away below) yesterday, and came away with the following items:

(4) Oscar Meyer all beef hot dogs
(5) Wheat Thins
(5) Kraft salad dressings
(42) packets of Kool-Aid (the necesary evil in making this transaction work out right :-)

For a grand total of: $6.40!!!!!!

The kids are going to have a beverage stand within the next couple weeks, so I'm sure they will make the $6.40 back (not that I will see a penny of that, but they love having their own "spending money").

I got several different flavors of dressing to try as marinades for the 395720 lbs of chicken I have in the freezer from past chicken sales :-)

I hope someone gets a lot of use out of the coupons I'm giving away below. Hurry and enter, the contest ends tonight!!!

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