Thursday, October 8, 2009

More new pieces! (click on pictures to enlarge)

Fun bracelets!
A. Jasper and Onyx - $14
B. Serpentine & Onyx - $10
C. Kumbaba Jasper/Onyx - $10
D. Bronzite & Pyrite sterling wire wrap - $18

Fun little mixed colored agate and quartz with a sterling silver pendant - $26

Romantic onyx and garnet are accented with 5 sterling silver garnet drops. $42 Matching earrings $10 or $50 for the set.

This piece is onyx, pyrite, bronzite with a beautiful bronzite wire wrap pendant - 17" - $34

Onyx and brecciated jasper round out this 17.5" necklace - $28

This beauty is a 4 strand Russian Serpentine necklace with a sterling silver slide clasp - $49

Men's necklaces! Something special for the guy in your life! Green necklace is Russian Serpentine and silver - 18" and the brown necklace is Crazy horse jasper and silver - 19"

Introducing new pieces! (click on jewelry pics to enlarge)

47" Lilac Stone necklace with Silver accents. Silver lobster clasp $38

18" This elegant Garnet/Quartz piece is accented with SS seperators, and a Sterling Silver/Quartz pendant. The garnet ovals are faceted, and provide a nice foundation for this piece. $38
18" Fun green aventurine necklace accented with sterling silver seperater beads and a cool aventurine/ss/quartz drop pendant. $28

19" Purple Aventurine with a jazzy sterling silver/moonstone pendant. Sterling "S" hook clasp. $27

19" Lilac Stone with silver accents, and a gorgeous moonstone/sterling silver pendant. $28

Pearls! 17 1/2 " strand of mixed pearls with a quartz accent and a beautiful sterling silver/pearl pendant. This piece could be worn with jeans and a tee, or with with a beautiful dress for a night on the town! $31

Wear it long, or double it - your choice! 38" 4mm Fancy Jasper embellished with fun square swirl separators. Lobster claw clasp. $24

16" Jade, sterling silver piece with a Jade/Onyx drop pendant. This is a fun retro piece that would jazz up any wardrobe! $28

19" double strand Crazy Horse/Onyx necklace. Fun piece with many colors - brown in theme, this piece has red and cream undertones. $32

20" Double strand 4mm Fancy Jasper with a cute Sterling Silver Pendant. SS "S" hook clasp. $34