Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh Albertsons, how I love thee~

It appears that Albertsons has yet another ROCKIN' ad for this week!
I haven't even broken out the coupons yet, but have a list a mile long!

You can check out their ad here under the Grocery Stores>Albertsons>Albertsons NW region.

10/10 items plus $5 off when you purchase 10 items - making them .50/item!!!

Starkist white chunk tuna
Kings Hawaiian Rolls
Jolly Time 3 pack popcorn (my kids love this as an afterschool snack!)
Kraft BBQ sauce (gotta use those free Wheat thin and Kraft salad dressing coupons found in the All You magazine!)
**Free box of Wheat thins with above mentioned coupon.

There are a couple other items, but nothing else we need. Can you believe it? .50 each WITHOUT coupons. You can't even buy regular tuna for .50/can around here! Can't wait to stock up, those nights of cold fall weather and hot tuna casserole are just around the corner...oh how I love me some comfort food!

10/$15 items plus $5 off when you purchase 10 - $1 each!

Several items on this list, but here is what is on mine:

1 Clorox scented bleach
2 Kraft Tartar Sauce (the only kind DH will eat)
3 Kraft Sweet & Sour sauces - sense a theme with those All You coupons?
3 Del Monte Fruits
1 Albertsons Onion Soup Mix

**That will get me two more bottles of free Kraft salad dressing. Good thing I use them to cook with too, because my pantry is getting quite full of salad dressing, wheat thins and Crystal Light...LOL!

I will make the trip first thing tomorrow morning - gotta go about 9am, that's when the markdown meat and the markdown deli bin is fullest!

What kind of deals do you see at your stores this week?

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