Monday, August 18, 2008

I survived!

What a crazy weekend! My Mother-in-law was here for the weekend, quite unexpected I might ad. That sent me into a cleaning frenzy that seriously only happens when she comes down. It is really kind of nice, because I get the chance to Spring clean more than once a year! :-)

We had a nice time on Saturday, took Turbo out to ride his quad. He sure is getting good (and fast) on that little thing. I took some video that I hope to post later in the week. We then went to DH's cousin's house for dinner, and saw some family that we haven't seen in ages (another thing that only seems to happen when Mother in law is here). Sunday we took Taterbug out to see/feed her horse. Then the kids went school clothes shopping with Grandma (something she has never done before, but I was ohhhhh so thankful!).

All in all, a great unexpected weekend...and the white gloves my MIL owns never came out...not even once! Maybe I'm getting better at this cleaning thing afterall!

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