Monday, August 4, 2008

365 days to a merrier mom...take one!

Ok, so I've been reading everyone else's blog...time to start my own. Let's just say that y'all have inspired me to write down my thoughts, even if it is just to be accountable for what I write down. I am going to start with a short list of goals for the next 365 days - kind of a New Years Resolution list of sorts - in August!

1. Make better use of my time - silly as this sounds, includes less time for recreational computer use. I am going to create a schedule that includes work, housework, time with the kids, and "me" time - something that doesn't happen too often.

2. Get healthier financially - This is a goal that both DH and I share, however, we aren't healthy right now. In fact, we are in horrible shape. Big fat blobs of debt and poor spending habits. This goal includes doing the best I can to save on groceries, curb spending habits, etc. I am also going to start reading Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey - as suggested by (she's one smart lady!)

3. Get healthier spiritually - My kids have been asking that we go back to church. This is something I am embarrassed to admit that we haven't done faithfully since we got married (13 years ago). We haven't found a home church that we feel comfortable with yet, so we are going to actively start looking!

4. Get healthier healthwise - This is an important one. I am obese. I have thyroid problems. I am not good about taking my thyroid medicine. DH has a belly. DH has asthma. DH has sleep apnea (I think). These are all things that scare me. I don't want my babies to be without either parent, so this is something we are going to work on big time, starting NOW!

5. Get healthier as a parent - This is something I feel I have been struggling with for some time. Having a pre-teen girl isn't easy. Heck, having kids isn't easy. I want to work on being a better listener, in hopes that she will continue to talk to me. I want to work on being a better friend, in hopes that they will continue to play with me. I want to work on being a better example, so they will learn from my successes, and my failures.

Like I said, that is the short list. I'm sure I will add to them, because goals are always ever changing. Thanks for taking this ride with me!

Please feel free to comment - I would love to hear your goals, successes, failures, etc. Maybe we can do this together!


wvnative said...

I think if nothign else, you've set yourself up with a good starting block. Good luck!

I had two goals for this year. The first was to finally go back to school. I'm all set to start in 8/25 except I still need to get my books. The second was to get my car refinanced and get out from under that high APR. I've paid on it a year now so I just need to call and get the payoff amount so I can call my bank to set up the new loan.

The Bee said...
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Merrimom said...

Thanks for the comment wvnative! Woohooo, you are the first one, you should receive a prize or something!

I am proud of you for going back to school! It is something I plan on one day...maybe next year!

Stacee said...

I think those are great goals! They're very in-line with the goals I have as well! You'll do great!